I’m getting better at this- I think!

My very tiny collection of followers might have noticed I’ve changed my theme and added photos and an ‘about me’…if you’d seen me do it- and I looked a little like a cave man using a microwave!- no doubt you’d have laughed at my ineptitude! I did it slowly, and with a lot of expletives…! Anyway, it’s done and I’m proud I managed it- I hope it’s a bit more interesting: I’ve seen some amazingly artistic stuff on here but little steps…. 😉



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6 responses to “I’m getting better at this- I think!

  1. What’s wrong with little steps? Diminutist are we! (or just missing a comma, ahem 😉 )

  2. Hi hi …

    I saw you on myspokenheart’s blog …and wanted to stop by…but was not sure where to leave a not…which blog and all …so chose this one and hope you do not mind.
    (By the way, I plan to leave a not on your blog about “thing’s I wish I’d known when I was 18” soon.)

    But the real reason for this? Well … too..

    TAG YOU!

    *does the bogaloo two, electric slide shuffle*
    (Ok, I totally made that up …. I think I heard of a movie title that sounded something like that.)

    Uhmm…anyway…. by tagging you with the BLOG PARTY, you are now required to …errr….lemme thing….errr.

    To just be HAPPY! And dance too …dancing is good nod nods.
    (But no whapping happy messenger blog party messenger peoples! Yes, I said “messeenger TWICE in that sentence…but that is because its BLOG PARtY DaY!)

    Uhm…ok…*slinks off because I KNOW you will think, “who the hell was THAT??!?!” and then think, “remind myself to distance myself from myspokenheart’s friends”…..so …*slinks away*….but not before whispering again …

    blog party …

    • Woooooooooooooo! Thanks for my first ever blog party invite…I’m a rubbish dancer but who gives a crap because this is a blog party and no one can see! 😀

      • *grins* … well, I actually think this is really the first ever blog party! haha … so you are part of pioneers in the field of blog partys!

        Ack…now I can’t find the blog post you did that I was going to comment on…I think I have had too much blog nog!!!

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