Awards week, I’d like to say thank-you…

Awards week, I’d like to say thank-you….

Thanks to myspokenheart for nominating me for a beautiful blogger award! I haven’t been this excited since I learned how to walk: in blogging terms, I’m up, but still grabbing the furniture for support!

So, here it is… beautiful-blogger-award1

I had no idea that there were so many lovely people in cyberspace: now I know, I’m staying…

I have no idea how to nominate someone for an award and feel far too new to do it! Getting an award from me would be the blog equivalent of Cliff Richard presenting a MOBO. So, a bit Oscars style-y, I’d just like to thank my eeny band of followers and name some of the blogs that make me smile, intrigue me, make me think or just plain laugh out loud. The list is not intended to be exhaustive!

Thanks myspokenheart for being real and making me welcome.

Jean for the award etiquette tips!
SusanDaniels for her wonderful words.

RuleofStupid for making me laugh in a slightly hysterical and worried way!
beckysaysthings for the hilarious adventures of stickman.
Danuiseult for being smart, brave and funny.

I’m going before I start snivelling into a gold edged Chanel hankie and insisting that I am fanned by butterflies and bathed in otter milk before bedtime.

Love, light and peace. FATW.



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4 responses to “Awards week, I’d like to say thank-you…

  1. *BIG HUGS* and *smiles* for you Hunny, you are most welcome, and so deserve it 🙂

  2. You are too, too lovely MSH…:-)

  3. If ever you’re at a loss in future, I have some fine tips on what to do with awards (although some of them require a visit to the proctologist afterwards!)
    You have swollen (fnar) in my estimation in mentioning me but not awarding me anything. Thanks for the recognition and not asking me to work for it!
    All in all, I’m pleased for you – you come across as smart, funny, and wise and I think more people should know you 🙂

    *(sycophant)* he he

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