The human condition


The tiny voice in your head


Just after you kill it.

Twenty years before you accept

You should have listened:

sex, money

Will never bring you what you want.

Follow your gut


Knows way more than you do


This is my response to RoS (aka Fierce Panda’s challenge)…it’s all taken from the comments after one post but I have to admit that the edit was MASSIVE; my excuse is, I only have 20 followers, so not many posts, or comments to choose from….



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17 responses to “The human condition

  1. Some of these words were yours MSH! 🙂

  2. Oooh, this is good. Haven’t checked the comments they are from, but suspect some of the words are mine – which may gain you brown-nose – I mean brownie points 😉

  3. Oh, I am liking this too, very much!

  4. P.S. It’s from the comments on my post ‘Things I wish I’d known at 18’…

  5. Oh…I read this one and the one from Myspokenheart…I am hoping to try this…but wow…am getting intimidated! Hmm…maybe I will try to be inspired by this instead. *smiles*

  6. Comments to our poetry. What is seemingly accidental appears to b intentional all along. Love the way this post reads. ~G

  7. Liked this and I must go look at this challenge that was set… curioser and curioser… 🙂

  8. Keep on writing. I want more. Wow.

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