Party Season

Late, I stand by the doorlonely_party_by_kattyish-d3ed6gu

Stiffer than a coat rack until

Arms beckon me


smiles which sit lopsided

like jaunty paper hats


Women in the kitchen

Men in the hall

Children with sugar smeared cheeks

Litter the stairway

My hands hang like

Disregarded wrapping paper

Until I am handed punch

flavoured with

a grimace


I try to ignore the drunk floating in the bottom of my glass

Waiting to smear lipstick on my teeth

and make garbled confidences to strangers

Before insisting that she will walk home




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10 responses to “Party Season

  1. Fatwah – you too sound sad. Panda sends ((HUGS))

  2. Don’t walk home alone…I feel that you are sad…tis the season that makes us a smidge more melancholy than any other…for what it may be worth I did feel the words you so eloquently wrote – thank you.

  3. Friggin’ brilliant. I am at work and this brought tears to my eyes. Damn, you can write your ass off. Brilliant.

  4. I love this. I’ve been at that party and you really took me back there.

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