Ghost Life

I look over your shoulder

As we say our goodbyes

Your avatar is standing in the hall

yelling about dinner

As I drive away from you

we debate the options

chop and fry in sychronicity

I am halfway home


before we eat

our shadow meal

cosy in the half lit kitchen

Picking over the

bones of the day

in the dying light

as you spit

the punchline

to my silly songs

through mouthfuls

of us

throw blessed handfuls

of the life we never made

into the air like confetti


Later, in bed alone

I replay your reflection

in the wing mirror

A cassette loop trail of

false memories

spooling through your fingers

and longing would lay

my very bones

into your hands



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18 responses to “Ghost Life

  1. Face – you can place simple words on the page and show such desolation.
    throw blessed handfuls
    of the life we never made
    …these lines especially. I both admire and wish I could sooth your heart.
    That said, you are crap at reading instructions 😉 Where’s my “bloody ocean”! It’s a good job your such a great poet or you’d be in the naughty corner!

    • I just read Susan’s and realised it was missing that line and I’m not sure that I have a central metaphor either…bugger! I just can’t follow instructions! Shall i try and get the line in? I think it’ll work…

    • Right, I’ve added the line. I think it works. Feel like a proper dingbat….I just get carried away on a sea of words…bob bob bob and all sense evaporates!

  2. vivid imagery… I could very well relate to this… I think you did amazing in spite of the missing line…

    • Thanks spoken…I guess there are hundreds of other lives we could be living, if life had taken a different path…lovely to hear from you…how are you lovely lady? Any poems forthcoming from you?

  3. the images you created here are heartbreakginly wonderful. very crafty, loved the avatar yelling about dinner!

  4. Oh good Lord, this is so perfectly and simply beautiful. Thank you for creating this.

  5. Panda told me to get rid of the line again…so I did! (see I can follow instructions!)

  6. A cassette loop trail of false memories… can I swear? Yes? Feck you are brilliant lady!

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