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I loved this so much I had to re-blog…spoken just seems to express so beautifully and simply the profound lessons we all need to hear…



Nelson Mandela is a very smart man – however I just found out that the above quote is NOT his. It is actually from Marianne Williamson’s book  A Return To Love: Reflections on the Principles of A Course in Miracles (I have not read this book). In the quote above it states it is our personal power, our capacity for success, our own light that we are afraid of. I agree.

I remember when I first looked at going back to school (many moons ago). What I remember most about it was this overwhelming fear of success. I also remember being slammed for voicing that fear. Being told that was the most ridiculous thing ever. “How can you be afraid of succeeding?” at the time I could not rationalize the fear. I did not understand it. I thought “maybe I am ridiculous?” “maybe I just can’t face the idea of failing…

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The Lost Boys

Only red in

your dread rimmed

sleepless eyes

darting over freezing streets

swooping through derilict

buildings frantic

calling all the while

for your nestling


The roads that grew you

will not give up their secret

familiars fail you now

as another night falls

casting long shadows over

an empty house where

a small, vacant chair

whose arms bear

little rings of milk

stains sits


dawn finds

your broken chick

a bloody valentine

lying in a nest

of painted leaves



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