I know my ABCs too!

In response to lovely, lovely myspokenheart’s post here: <ahref=”http://myspokenheart.wordpress.com/2013/04/25/now-i-know-my-abcs/comment-page-1/#comment-1454″></a&gt;, find below my abc!

A – angry (generally about politics!)
B – boring (when angry about politics)
C – cake/chocolate/chips/crisps/cheese- comfort food
D – delegate (I am bossy and like to do this)
E – ellipsis…I love those dots
F- frabjous (a much neglected word I like)
G – greedy (see C)
H – happy (unless angry- see A/B)
I – interesting (unless A/B)
J – jelly (it’s the only word I could think of)
K – kimono ( I like all things Japanese)
M – me (someone I am glad to be most of the time)
N – NO! A word I need to get better at saying
O – open
P- peace
Q- quirky
R – reading (I EAT books)
S – secrets
T- tintinnabulation (because it sounds funny and doesn’t look like a real word)
U – uvula (see above)
V – very (everything I do I do with passion)
W – when will this ever end?!
X – xyst (I like trees)
y- YOU ( without you I would be alone)
z – zzzzzzzzzzzzz (I love to sleep)



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6 responses to “I know my ABCs too!

  1. aaahhh nice… this helps me to see the face a wee bit clearer… šŸ˜€

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