Hurry up and get here 2014!

I’m not sure I know where to start: it has been a while. I think I have forgotten how to think, type and construct sentences so bear with me reader: if I still have any…

Ramblings, Spoken, Rara and Panda, to name but a few, I have missed sharing your ramblings (Rambly’s ramblings- nice!) and posting my own. I have forgotten how to write, but I remember that there is a lovely community on here: if it was a thing in the real world, this blogosphere, I imagine it would be a rather bohemian cafe, ¬†lined with books of every kind. Oooo, can I have waiters on skates delivering delicious cakes and cups of tea? I’d like a comfy seat in the corner please, where I can watch all the comings and goings of you beautiful people unobtrusively. It really has been 6 months or more since I posted: a really stressful time in which work took over my life and my health started to deteriorate. During this time, I let go, one by one, of all the things which made me, me, including writing, and become a sort of robot, shuffling through the days fizzing with stress, holding on to just enough energy to come home and be a mum. It doesn’t help that I am an all or nothing sort of person: if I can’t blog daily, I lose impetus; if I get a job which is overwhelmingly difficult, I throw myself into it determined to conquer until I fall flat on my back.

However, all that is about to change- fingers crossed- I found a new job, which I start in Jan of 2014. It promises to be much less stressful and I am determined to start as I mean to go on, by being good enough at it, and letting myself grow into the role slowly, instead of throwing myself into it with an unsustainable gusto. I am also going to start blogging again and accepting that I won’t be able to do it every day, so once a week or fortnight is enough! I’m learning you see….

So, Happy Christmas to all: I look forward to catching up with your year and sharing some of the year to come albeit in bite sized chunks. It’s good to be back.¬†


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15 responses to “Hurry up and get here 2014!

  1. You have returned!!!! I am SO happy to see you back and if it’s once a week or month – what does it matter ~ smiles. You have gone through a rough patch, evaluating your life, your job. Stress bubbles under skin like a volcano and then it erupts and we get taken to places where we haven’t been before. I am thrilled about the new job – though at first I did read it as Japan and not Jan (yes half asleep) CONGRATULATIONS! Now I think you have rested, you will tackle things differently. I am here if you want to email to vent/scream/rant away from the public forum – you know that :-)
    You have not lost the ability to write ~ you never will. Merry Christmas honey to you and your family. I am so so happy to see you back :-) xxxxx

    • Thank you darling…I am thrilled to be back…I’ve just been mooching through my reader- so much to catch up on! Yes, I am going to do things a little differently: it’s been one hell of a year but like I said, I’m learning…loved the Christmas poem rambles: I could see it all unravelling in my head….hope you haven’t overdosed on the eggnog! Big hugs and blessings to you and yours xxx

  2. Yay, welcome back quiet-one :D
    Good luck with the job Face… If ever you’re looking for work again, and if you’d consider full-frontal nudity… There’s a Panda here with your name on it… if that even makes sense :)

  3. Nice to see your face, Face.
    Here’s to ’14 instead of ’13, the unknown instead of the known.

  4. I hope this isn’t a double post. I lost the first, I think.

    Welcome back to the world of the writing. Writing is good for the heart and soul.
    My last six months have been a tiny bit complicated. I moved with my family to France. Well. Perhaps it’s been ENORMOUSLY complicated. ;-)

    Love and hugs. Best for New Year.

  5. It’s the beautiful, fabulous Ace! So lovely to see you back. Congrats on the new job and happy Christmas!!

    • Aww rara, thank you. It’s good to be back. Happy festivities to you too! I see your readership has, quite rightly, grown and GROWN! Fantastic stuff! Next stop, running a small South American country? Tee hee…keep up the good work. You have a rare charm. Hope life is all dandy in the real world too :-)

  6. Welcome back – missed your Face, Face! A new job – congratulations! Looking forward to your posts. :)

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