Pebbles knock against my bones

I turn like a dog in his basket

sway in the hollows beneath my numb limbs

but the light is fading

Flies swarm our picnic leavings

so we pack the dirty plates

and wrapped in our crumby blanket

sore stumble to the car


In the car park

a lone plastic cooler stands

on a white line at the edge of a parking space

well used and forlorn


I talk through the medium of car door


Words fall from my dry mouth

like stones

instead of water

I drink you in

taste days spent writing

the metallic tang of dehydration

italics and ideas

half boy half man

the small animal

of your tongue

resting on my upper lip


Days and nights

of liquid bliss

whispers, wishes, wanting

and kisses so


we come up for air


contorted limbs burning

heads bursting

staggering drunk on lust

blood migrating south

on the updraft of our breath


Curtains half drawn against

the summer light

I forgot to guard my heart



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6 responses to “Pebbles

  1. Welcome ~ You are back gorgeous lady, I have missed you so.
    The metallic tongue of dehydration…pebbles knock against your bones… Wow lovely powerful lines, but yet a lot of sadness too. I hope you are ok?
    Oh…and I love you too ~ smiles ❤ xx

    • Heyyyy, I have missed you too but this is the second post in 6 months so I am doing better than usual! Hope all is well in the rambly world…I am good thank you…swimming, not drowning….big big BIG hugs to you xx

      • You may have to catch up on my recent post chat time and borderline personality disorder..that will show you what’s been happening in my world 😦
        Well I do expect to see more of you young lady and I smiled when I read you are swimming. Big hugs and love back to you lovely. xx

  2. Touching, poignant and powerful. Great imagery…
    “the small animal

    of your tongue

    resting on my upper lip”

    “blood migrating south

    on the updraft of our breath”

    Makes my heart race and ache all at once.

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