Christmas Inspiration Needed: Please Help!

Hello lovely WordPress bloggers!

I have been asked to write a Christmas poem to be used in the December edition of a talking magazine for those with little or no sight. Help! It’s a tricky one, as I like to steer away from cliche where I can. Can any of you lovely poets think of a theme or conceit which might encourage originality, or, were I to start us off with one line, might you be prepared to add one and make it a joint effort?

I have had two ideas: one, to write it from the point of view of a bauble and two, to write it about Christmas through the decades, as most of the listeners will be quite elderly. Any suggestions gratefully received and thank you in advance!!



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3 responses to “Christmas Inspiration Needed: Please Help!

  1. Hello darling. I’m going through a rough patch with daughter K and not reading or commenting, but I saw your plea for help. I think it’s a beautiful idea to perhaps go as memories ..for the elderly?

    Remember when we heard their laughter
    The running through the house
    Remember their tiny hands as ours once were…

    Something like this? I am happy to help, email me if you want to collaborate.
    Hugs and so lovely to see you again xxx

  2. Christmas through the decades sounds good, as does a collaborative effort with adding lines. Good to hear from you again 🙂 although I have been away myself and am just now catching up.

  3. Thanks so much for your thoughts guys; sadly, I became unwell and wasn’t able to help! But your thoughts appreciated. I might do it anyway now I feel better. Oh Rambly, I am so sorry things are tough. Chin up lovely lady. Much love x

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