A white room.
The clock swam,
Wavered and loomed,
Like an artificial moon.
While I rippled in 
Concentric circles.

Buried in my cocoon
She beat with paper wings
Against the drum of my belly
A light tattoo

And then
Pushed her way through
The darkness
Took to her wings
And flew.

He came dressed in the coat

Of my womb

Delicate china head

Miles of Aegean eyes

Soft mouth that suckles

Helpless pink hands waver


Featherless birds above his head;

When he cried my breasts

Ached milk

Like split coconuts

Into the paradise

Of his mouth.

Today he is four

I look into his eyes

And see




Filed under Creative, Musings on Life

7 responses to “After-birth

  1. This is beautiful – especially the tone. 🙂

  2. Wow, Face. Just Wow.
    Powerful. Feel like the whole thing spins down into that last word like the heart-stopping end of a funnel.

  3. Hi johnnycrabcakes, just logged in today for the first time in an age and read your comments…it really has been that long! Thanks so much for your words: they made me a bit weepy…I have really lost the writer in myself of late and have written nothing for an age. I miss the words. You’ve made me want to find them again. Hope all is good in your crabby world. 🙂

  4. The last line leaves me intrigued and wanting more.

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