Musings on Love and Loss

Like polar bears on melting ice

we had a season

a summer of tenderness


My face draws in

like winter

Falling leaves for eyes

The spectre of our life follows me

through the empty aisles of the supermarket

cracking jokes, inappropriately

fills the empty chair

eats a hearty meal as

I roll over into dead air

right where

you travelled the length and breadth of me

with the length and breadth of you

I lie in your imprint,

and hum a silent chorus of despair…



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7 responses to “Musings on Love and Loss

  1. I hope that this is fictional my sweet, but the pain in your words leads me to think otherwise, but then we draw from our experiences when we write so poignantly, don’t we. Hugs ❤️

  2. I was pleased to read from your comments that this is “old news” and that you have at least healed somewhat.
    It is an achingly beautiful poem.

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