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Playing trust games with life

This little gem blew me away. Hope you like it too.x

Lucy Rose White

You may be familiar with trust games, from school or team building or some other facilitated group experience. A common version is where you stand on a chair and fall backwards and trust the group to catch you, and they do, and each time they do, something inside you melts and opens.

I have been playing this game with life itself for about three years now,and I finally feel I’m getting to the point where we don’t need to keep playing the game any more. I get it, I get that life will catch me and I can stop throwing myself of chairs for no reason!

What do I mean by life? I’m talking about everything that is, inside and out, existence itself. You might call it the universe, you might call it other people, you might call it Gaia,  you might call it the Dao, you might call it…

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Focus on the inner divine

You have the answers

Go inside

Pull up the drawbridge

Without unkindness

Dignity and self love

Does not require the denial

Of experience

Compassionate and graceful

Bear with what arises

In a spirit of curiosity and acceptance

Forgive others as you forgive yourself

As the divine is endlessly patient

And forgiving

The condition of the heart

Is what matters most

Every moment holds an opportunity

For difference

The past dictates the future

No more than the present

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