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Half grown you

fit me end to end

legs, chest

heart and head

fall into the spaces

my body makes for you


This fierce love

has written me

made the striped

tiger skin

of my belly

The soft droop

of my eyes

The rise and fall

of my breasts

Now toys are gone

we play with words

but it is skin, blood

and bone


binds us



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The travelling orange…

For the last 5 days, excluding the weekend, I have been putting an orange in my son’s lunch box: each night, when I wash it, I find the orange still sat there. I wash the lunch box and put it back in, only to find it comes home again the same night. And so on. How long might this game go on? I’m tempted to just keep putting it in, until it goes green and moldy. It’s already looking a bit the worse for wear: shrivelled in fact. It’s a battle of wills: who will crack first and put the orange in the compost? I already know it will be me.


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