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He keeps me here

Like a pet

Or a slave

While he babbles nonsense

At the sky

Spits out the dinner I have made

On the table

And the floor.

He takes pleasure

In the simple things

That I have forgotten

Shows me the world

Full of wonder

Through his full moon eyes.

If I try to do anything I want

He shouts at me

Creates, then hinders

My chores

Dirty fingers on computer keys

Ransacked cupboards

And smashed crockery

Nothing is sacred.

Puts his small arms

Around my neck

His chubby soft legs

Around my waist

And rubs his cheek on mine

He does not care

That I am not beautiful.

He throws objects

At my head

And screams for me to

Play mind numbing

Repetitive games with him

Kicks and rages when

I put him down for a nap

When all I want is

To sleep like a baby.

He smells like

Fresh air

His kisses are gifts

From a tiny sweet smelling

Pink bubble of mouth

His eyes light up with love

When he sees me

As he sings his mantra;

Mum, mum, mum.



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