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Fury carves eyes round as wrecking balls

Makes good for nothing hands:

Fists can only raze and ruin

Lips sewn together

With words that slash and hack

Behind my teeth

Forgive me if I cannot speak.



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I fill the spaces, big as oceans

with little things

hold back a tidal bore of absence
with a matchstick dam
until, I see you
neck deep and choking
first heels, then tiptoes
leave the floor
and I am shingle dragged
half drowned; half swimming
to your shore.


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Rub’ al Khali

Days flicker past my eyes
landscapes from a moving train.
Full of motion sickness
I alight when darkness falls
Pull back the duvet
Tired, slide inside
The empty quarter of my bed.
Impossible dunes rise up to meet me
I am rolling in bottomless slack
Fingers reach out to nothing as
My heart counts 600 nights of solitude

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Summer 2010: a poem

The only swim of summer comes much too late
the water so cold it burns, turns frozen limbs to stone
the shock enough to stop weaker hearts than ours.

Your face is screwed up tight like a jar
as you scan the water for crocodiles
woman-child in a rubber ring
your half grown breasts seem borrowed
until you push the rubber ring away and swim.

We watch it float
the current trails off to a sigh;
Then, wordlessly
we dress before we’re dry.


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